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g2k14: Sebastian Benoit on chasing down annoyances

Contributed by jj on from the running-tetris-as-root dept.

Sebastian Benoit (benno@) lets us know what he did to make his life easier at g2k14:

For me the hackathon started before arriving in Ljubljana. On my trip I noticed that there was something wrong with my ssh connections: some did not work. So I started debugging in Munich Airport and the result was a quick fix for a recent bug in ssh-add.

Very early on I asked reyk@ if we should try to get his long awaited filter rewrite for relayd commited. I had a list of problems i had noticed with it and when i got my hands on his most recent version I started to go through them. Some where already fixed and others were quickly corected. So after a day he was able to commit his big diff and further work on it commenced in the tree. I also added a port for relayd-updateconf, a tool written by Andre de Oliveira (andre@) that helps migrating to the new relayd.conf syntax.

florian@ was sitting nearby and worked on merging ping and ping6, sending some diffs to me. He noticed the ping6 options for ipv6 node information queries and our support inside the kernel for answering them. We both thought that we didn't like that kind of information leakage and others agreed. As a result, rfc4620 support was removed from the kernel.

I also worked on some other things and ideas that had been bugging me for some time, for example that conserver was running as the root without any need for it. With some feedback from sthen I updated the port. And I still have two other diffs waiting for oks.

g2k14 was an awesome hackathon, and I really got to do some hacking without the distractions of normal life.

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