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g2k14: Miod Vallat on LibreSSL

Contributed by tbert on from the will code SSL for cheese dept.

Long time listener, many time caller, Miod Vallat (miod@) writes in:

There are two kinds of hackathons.

Those were you pack your headphones, and don't use them. And those where you forget to pack them, and wish you hadn't.

As a veteran hackathon attendee, I packed my headphones, of course. And I was more than happy to keep them packed, as the pace of the hackathon was so hectic it was better to relax by talking to people than to relax by listening to music.

Although I had prepared a list of things to work on, it was not a surprise to me, that I ended up working on LibreSSL.

After all, it was the first time that the whole LibreSSL team (Bob Beck, Brent Cook, Joel Sing, Ted Unangst and I) could meet in person, and we rushed to get a portable release out of the floor (which, as far as I was concerned, mostly meant commiting a lot of bugfixes as well as merging changes in OpenSSL having happened now that the Core Infrastructure Initiative is funding them, and also merging a few BoringSSL changes to help sharing code between LibreSSL and BoringSSL in the long term).

Aside from this, I did a few commits to keep the kernel building (especially after one commit to kern_fork.c broke all our gcc 3 platforms).

As usual, kudos to Mitja and his helpers to make things run smoothly. The s2k11 hackathon, 3 years ago, was a success, and this one was on par with it, despite having twice as many developers attending.

I'm looking forward to the next hackathon in this place. In the meantime, I have bugs in LibreSSL to fix...

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