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g2k14 headsup: relayd(8) filtering language changed

Contributed by pitrh on from the pining for 5.6 already dept.

From the in-progress g2k14 hackathon in Ljubljana, Slovenia comes early news of what we'll see in upcoming OpenBSD releases. The relayd(8) filtering language has been replaced, with a more readable and flexible grammar inspired by pf(4).

The commit by Reyk Floeter (reyk@) has a CVS log message that reads:

Replace the protocol directives for HTTP with a new generic filtering language. The grammar is inspired by pf and allows to write versatile last-matching filter rules in protocol sections starting with the "pass", "block" or "match" keywords. This work was started almost two years ago and replaces large parts of relayd(8)'s HTTP and filtering code. The initial version reimplements and extends HTTP filtering, but will be improved to support generic TCP and other protocols later.

You can read the whole commit message here, and soon after the commit, Reyk posted a message to tech@ and misc@ with further explanations. There's even a new port, sysutils/relayd-updateconf, to help you get started, as the new current.html entry explains.

TL;DR: This will hit snapshots soon, please help testing!

(NOTE: early bird visitors to man page links like relayd.conf(5) may hit not yet updated versions. That will pass, perhaps within minutes of this posting.)

And of course, this is one more reason to look forward to the OpenBSD 5.6 release!

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  1. By mxb ( on

    This is a VERY GOOD news! I'v been waiting for 'match and forward' for some time now.
    Thanks for good work, Reyk!


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