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Michael W. Lucas, author of the books SSH Mastery, Sudo Mastery, DNSSEC Mastery, and Absolute OpenBSD, writes in to let us know that he'll be talking OpenBSD up on the interwebs:

I'll be doing a webcast on O'Reilly's community site called "Beyond Security: OpenBSD's Real Purpose." This will go out live on Tuesday, 27 May, 1PM EDT. I'll take questions at the end.

The talk will focus on OpenBSD as a pressure cooker to change the world. If only I had a really good example of this whole "pressure cooker" idea from, say, the last month or so, then the talk would feel really current and attract a lot of interest from the outside world.

If only, indeed!

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      > LibreSSL?

      May just come up, participate in the Webcast to find out!

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    Best documentation and documentation tools of any UNIX. Worth going on about. Where have all the manpages gone, Linux?


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