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n2k14 hackathon report: jmatthew@ on fibre channel and assorted other hardware doodads

Contributed by tbert on from the doodads-hard-to-get-to dept.

Jonathan Matthew (jmatthew@) tells us about his efforts to improve drivers:
Since about Christmas time, I've been working on a new driver for QLogic Fibre Channel controllers to replace isp(4), which, to put it mildly, is not the best driver in the tree. Shortly before the hackathon, I had my new driver working with one generation of hardware (ISP23xx) on amd64 and sparc64.

During the week, I added support for an older generation (ISP2200), almost got a newer generation (ISP24xx) working, and figured out how to deal with loop and fabric changes that occur after attach time.

At the moment it looks like I'll add a separate driver for ISP24xx and later generations rather than trying to fit that into qla(4), as the hardware changes between ISP23xx and ISP24xx are significant.

Other possible projects I had in mind, such as making Octeon USB work and looking at the AHCI implementations found in various ARM systems, remained totally untouched, but may happen later.

Work on qla(4) is continuing, and we aim to make it the default driver for at least some QLogic FC devices in OpenBSD 5.5.

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