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The 2013 Chuck Yerkes Award Goes To...

Contributed by jcr on from the contributions-remembered dept.

For those who have joined OpenBSD during the last decade, you've missed out on someone special, Chuck Yerkes. Chuck contributed a lot to sendmail(8) and the various OpenBSD mailing lists. He was always willing to help others and took the time to provide useful and accurate advice. Chuck also had a vivid sense of humor ("Shirt, Shoes, Sober... --Pick Two").

LOPSA (League Of Professional System Administrators) recently announced the winner of the 2013 Chuck Yerkes Award:

For those of you who never got to know him, Chuck Yerkes was known for always being willing to help and mentor others both in person and on sysadmin mailing lists in the 1990's and early 2000's. Countless sysadmins over the years have learned from his postings. Chuck's intelligence, knowledge, and dedication to doing things right is something that is missing all too frequently in the on-line community. Unfortunately Chuck passed away in late 2004 after being involved in an accident on his way home from work.

In 2005 an award was created in his memory to annually honor a sysadmin who most embodies Chuck's spirit in assisting and mentoring other sysadmins. Each year the LOPSA awards committee sifts through sysadmin blogs, the LOPSA IRC channels, mailing lists, web forums and other sysadmin on-line resources in search of someone who is leading in contributions to the sysadmin community as Chuck did.

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