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BSDNow Episode 012: Collecting SSHells - A guide to SSH and tmux

Contributed by jcr on from the just-muxing-around dept.

In "Episode 012: Collecting SSHells" the media magicians of BSDNow bring us the BSD news of the week along with their weekly tutorial, "A guide to SSH and tmux". OpenBSD is the reference and development platform for both OpenSSH and tmux, so all of the newest features show up here first. Since they're both written to be portable and have an unrestrictive, freely reusable license, everyone can use them and many operating systems and/or distributions include them.

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  1. By Matthias Kilian (kili) on

    from that video:

    scp -rp .ssh bsdnow@

    whow! i really hope nobody is following that tutorial.


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