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Heads Up: Syntax change for smtpd.conf(5)

Contributed by tbert on from the ch-ch-ch-changes dept.

Eric Faurot (eric@) has just committed an improved parser and format for the OpenSMTPD configuration file smtpd.conf(5). Since this is a change to both syntax and behaviour, you must check your configuration prior to upgrading. There are examples for configuration conversion on faq/current.html.

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2013/11/06 03:01:29

Modified files:
	usr.sbin/smtpd : bounce.c envelope.c lka.c lka_session.c mta.c 
	                 mta_session.c parse.y ruleset.c smtp.c 
	                 smtp_session.c smtpd.c smtpd.conf.5 smtpd.h 
	                 ssl.c ssl.h to.c 

Log message:
Much much improved config parser and related changes.
Simplify code and do not impose an order on conditions and rule options.

Format changes that may require smtpd.conf update for some setups:

- SSL certificates are no longer automatically loaded, but must be
  explicitely declared using the "pki" keyword.
- "certificate" option becomes "pki" in listener and accept rules.
- "ssl://" becomes "secure://" in relay via rules.
- "helo" becomes "hostnames" in relay rules

New features:

- accept rules do not need an explicit action, in which case alias table
  or .forward must provide one.
- new "forward-only" action to force relaying and reject rcpts that expand
  as local delivery.
- "!" (negation) modifier on rule matching conditions.
- new "recipient" rule matching condition.
- new "verify" option on listeners and relay rules to reject invalid

Other changes:

- remember the helo name advertised on incoming mail and use it for sending
- bump envelope version (existing envelopes are updated on-the-fly).

dO nOT lEX - You may not get the joke, but we think it's hilarious.

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