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b2k13 hackathon report: Landry Breuil (landry@) on mozilla and other porting projects

Contributed by jcr on from the what-if-mozilla-was-one-of-us dept.

Next in line with his tale from the b2k13 hackathon in Berlin is Landry Breuil (landry@):

I had no plans for this hackathon (as usual, you never manage to do anything you planned anyway) and all in all it went pretty well.

I mostly worked on 4 items:
  • Importing the new databases/pg_statsinfo port & and importing the new databases/pg_stats_reporter port, which allows one to graph postgresql database usage and browse through reports. The former is interesting because it also tries to gather stats about the system usage itself, using (surprise!) linux-only /proc parsing, but it turned out I could reuse a patch found in the FreeBSD ports tree to get some stats from our sysctl(3) interface.

  • The latter also got me into looking why our lang/php ports didn't have the intl extension? In the end, it was pretty simple to add intl support to PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 as yet another subpackage/module by using textproc/icu4c. Now you can use fancy translations with standardized lookup in php frameworks!

  • It wouldn't be a hackathon without spending some time on god^Wmozilla (thanks to Reyk Floeter (reyk@) for the i386 builder!). Besides the usual buildbot babysitting (i.e. ensure the mozilla trunk was still green on OpenBSD) and patch upstreaming administrivia, I spent some time trying to make the same source tree build on a NetBSD Xen DomU, loaned by fellow NetBSD developer S.P. Zeidler (spz@netbsd) and add it to my buildbot setup (I already have a FreeBSD/bhyve guest in that setup). It turns out, it wasn't so easy. After some hours starting with a clean source tree and throwing various patches at it, I realized NetBSD didn't try pushing their pkgsrc patches upstream that much, and that it was a real mess (138 patchfiles? gimme a break). I might resume working on that on a depressing winter night, but I'm not sure I want to learn more about NetBSD specifics.

  • Finally, I imported a more recent devel/xulrunner port, based off www/firefox 24. Since it now builds on almost (alpha?) the same platforms as the old and unmaintained upstream xulrunner 1.9, I have good hope to switch over its users (yeah, i'm looking at you outdated devel/eclipse and your swt browser widget..) to 24 before the end of this cycle, and retire 1.9 for good in the Attic.

And of course I enjoyed Berlin! Thanks to Stefan Sperling (stsp@) and for giving us the opportunity to hack in perfect conditions!

Thanks Landry for the update, and thanks for working on the beast that is Mozilla!

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