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Interview with William Allaire

Contributed by weerd on from the called-my-bookie-to-place-a-bet dept.

Undeadly spoke with Bill Allaire, winner of the Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition auction started by author Michael W. Lucas and reported on by us last month. Bill ended up with the winning bid of $1,145.00 US.

Undeadly:Have you been a long-time OpenBSD user ?

Bill:I wish I put aside the time to try OpenBSD sooner. I've used OpenBSD for a couple years now. I do expect to become a long time user, and supporter.

Undeadly:What are you using OpenBSD for ?

Bill:I've primarily used OpenBSD for firewalls (from a Soekris 4501 to a Dell R310 and many devices in-between). In other instances it's been used for the usual services depending on the need: mail (IMAP & SMTP), web, database, etc.

Undeadly:How did you learn about the auction ?

Bill:From the OpenBSD misc mail list. The post by Austin Hook on April 8th.

Undeadly:Why did you pay $1145 for a book you can have for $60 ?

Bill:That is the question isn't it? I've enjoyed using OpenBSD both personally and professionally. This auction seemed a perfect opportunity to have a unique piece of OpenBSD history while helping provide support for the project.

Undeadly:When do you expect to receive the book ?

Bill:A week or so after the OpenBSD hackathon in Toronto at the end of May.

Bill finishes with these final words:

Additionally, I'd like to say thanks to all those who give their time, in whatever form that takes, to the OpenBSD project. Thanks to Michael Lucas for writing such a fine book and for exposing me to a new word: verisimilitude. :-)

Thanks again to all involved: Michael for giving up the first copy of his book for auction, Bill for bidding and his time in answering these questions and of course to all OpenBSD developers.

As a final note, it's good to see that as a community we have stood through Michael's challenge and broken the record set by the auction for Absolute FreeBSD :)

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