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OpenBSD 5.3 Released!

Contributed by pitrh on from the do-androids-dream-of-electric-pufferfish dept.

May 1st 2013, Calgary, AB, CA and elsewhere:

The OpenBSD project today formally released OpenBSD 5.3, the project's 34th release on the steady six monthly release cycle.

Notable news in the present release include the a production ready release of OpenSMTPD, a much-renovated dhclient(8), a slew of new drivers for various hardware, OpenSSH release 6.2 as well as numerous improvements in all parts of the system. The OpenBSD 5.3 release page has more information, with further details given at the changelog page.

The new release is available as an inexpensive CD set and as a free download from mirror sites in several countries worldwide.

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  1. By Michael Stevens (mstevens) on

    anyone got pre-orders yet? eagerly awaiting mine.

    1. By angryfirelord (angryfirelord) on

      > anyone got pre-orders yet? eagerly awaiting mine.

      Got one too. The stickers are always the best part.

    2. By david reuteler ( on

      > anyone got pre-orders yet? eagerly awaiting mine.

      haven't got mine yet. ordered 3/17.

      1. By TOOGAM (TOOGAM) on

        I ordered March 19. Credit card got declined because I also ordered some cups and posters, and card company freaked at multiple International orders (from Canada to USA). Got card re-activated, and got an E-Mail April 17 saying it would be re-charged. Checked mail on May 4 and it was there waiting for me.


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