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BXR.SU, OpenGrok service for BSDs in publicly private (IPv6-only) beta

Contributed by pitrh on from the all-cross-indexed dept.

Constantine A. Murenin writes in about his new BSD source code search engine:

Publicly private beta? Instead of devising a new scheme on handing out invitations for a new and improved OpenGrok for the BSDs, why not require IPv6 for the beta?

Welcome BXR.SU Super User's BSD Cross Reference, which is launched 2013-04-01 as an IPv6-only OpenGrok service for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD.

The service is IPv6-only during the beta (ask your ISP for a token); but a full release schedule is already known: an A record for BXR.SU will be temporarily published on 2013-04-04, an IPv4 day, to test out the water, and ensure misconfigurations of the NAT don't break out access to the site. IPv4 glue records are also withheld the authors are afraid that some nameservers are misconfigured, and are giving the ISPs extra time. BXR.SU is claimed to be 200× faster than the nearest competitor,

A full announcement was posted on misc@ on 2013-04-01.

Want to try it out? Why not BXR for undeadly in OpenBSD source code?

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