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BSDCan 2013 Program Announced

Contributed by pitrh on from the puffy luvs poutine dept.

The BSDCan 2013 program has been announced, with a nice sampling of OpenBSD related talks.

Read on for further details, registration is expected to open soon.

The full program can be found here. There will likely be some adjustments and updates, but in the early crop we have the following OpenBSD-flavored highlights:

In tutorials, Absolute OpenBSD author Michael W. Lucas offers a half day DNSSEC session.

In the papers sessions we have Landry Breuil (landry@) on Mozilla on OpenBSD, Bob Beck (beck@) on The OpenBSD Buffer Cache Henning Brauer (henning@) on The surprising complexity of checksums in TCP/IP, and Reyk Floeter (reyk@) on OpenIKED: A portable IKEv2 VPN implementation, with Book of PF author Peter Hansteen filling out the OpenBSD contingent with his The Hail Mary Cloud And The Lessons learned about an improbably long lived botnet.

Registrations should start soon, see the BSDCan Registration page for details.

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