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Back from n2k13 new zealand.

Contributed by pitrh on from the hack the kiwi dept.

The first report from n2k13 in New Zealand comes from Bob Beck (beck@):

Having now returned from n2k13 in new zealand, I thought I'd share a little bit here. We had a very productive time in Dunedin at the University of Otago - where we were provided with some very nice accomodation and a great hacking room organized by Jim Cheetham (Thanks Jim!).

I continued a bunch of work in the midlayer - For me much of it was an opportunity to work with other developers - I spent a bunch of time back and forth with jsing@ over fixes to ntfs and mfs, managing to coerce him into converting mfs to use bufq so I wouldn't have to do it - something that appears to fix a number of issues mfs has had for a while. I worked with claudio@ prototyping a mechanism for feedback from higher layers when kernel memory becomes short and did a few things including diffs for vnode recycling, chasing bugs in the pagedaemon/uvm, and using high memory for buffers. all assisted by some very productive in-person discussions with a few people (kettenis@, deraadt@, guenther@, jsing@, dlg@...)

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