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HP Laptops Needed For ACPI Work

Contributed by jcr on from the These-AML-Games-Are-Dumb dept.

The OpenBSD developers always want particular pieces of hardware so they can add support for it to the operating system and maintain the project infrastructure. Unless you happen to be able to read minds, often the reason why some particular piece of hardware is wanted may not make very much sense to you, and you may not understand how important the wanted hardware is to the advancement of OpenBSD.

The recent request for HP laptops by Marco Peereboom (marco@) is a classic example of understatement. The further development of Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI - including related AML, ASPM and similar) requires having access to enough systems from a vendor to work around the bugs in their implementations. Having proper ACPI support for HP laptops is very important and such work will improve our ACPI implementation in general for all systems.

Marco Peereboom (marco@)

There has been a huge uptick of ACPI failures on HP laptops. In order to be able to fix this we need to play with one or two. A donation in time for the c2k10 would be greatly appreciated. We need to have the machine(s) in hand by the 25th or so.

Two models come to mind: HP ProBook 4510s & HP EliteBook 8530w.

Please contact me privately if you want to help getting this fixed.

Also if you experience issues with an HP laptop send me the aml (acpidump -o hp_mymodel) and dmesg. I want know what models are currently failing and with what failure.

If there is any way you can help out, please contact Marco.

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  1. By Uriel (uriel) on

    ACPI really should die, and everyone involved in its creation should be hunted down and tortured for the rest of eternity, what a total clusterfuck it is.

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