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AsiaBSDcon 2010 Papers & Video (sort of)

Contributed by jcr on from the great-papers-and-bad-video-sites dept.

The papers for the OpenBSD portions of AsiaBSDCon 2010 are available in the usual place, namely here.

From the looks of the full list of speakers and talks, there was plenty of interesting stuff going on at AsiaBSDCon this year. Sadly, someone who obviously doesn't eat their own dogfood put all the videos up on (a vicious Adobe flash-only site) and (a vicious Microsoft Silverlight-only site). There will be no link-love for them., SD quality (Adobe Shockwave Flash Required)

HD quality one (Micrsoft Silverlight Required)

I actually spent a couple days looking for a way to use OpenBSD to access the videos from the garbage, but failed miserably. On the bright side, in my failed attempts to flog into submission, with the help of sthen@ we did manage to build an update for the rtmpdump port and get a patch for it upstream.

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  1. By Matthew Haub (matthew) on

    A recent version of mplayer is required to view these videos.

    # Epitome2 dedup for the masses by Marco Peereboom

    # SMP Implementation for OpenBSD/sgi by Takuya Asada

    # Softraid: OpenBSD's Virtual HBA, with Benefits by Marco Peereboom

    # vscsi(4) and iscsid -- iSCSI initiator the OpenBSD way by Claudio Jeker

    # What's wrong with PF by Ryan McBride

    # Hardware Performance Monitoring Counters on non-X86 Architectures by George V.Nevile-Neil

    # Quiet Computing with BSD by Constantine A. Murenin

    # Ecdysis: Open-Source DNS64 and NAT64 by Simon Perreault

    # BSD in the routing industry by Massimiliano Stucchi

    # Keynote: Cosing the DNS Security Loopwith DNSSEC by Peter Losher

    # Wireless Mesh Networks under FreeBSD by Rui Paulo and Porting HPC tools to FreeBSD by Brooks Davis

    # Rump Device Drivers: Shine On You Kernel Diamond by Antti Kantee

    # Building Servers with NanoBSD, ZFS and jails by Paul Schenkeveld

    # Native SeND kernel API for *BSD by Ana Kukec

    # Opening by Hiroki Sato #2 / PC-SYSINSTALL - A new system installer backend for PC-BSD and FreeBSD

    # Opening by Hiroki Sato

    1. By J.C. Roberts (jcr) on

      > A recent version of mplayer is required to view these videos.
      > # Epitome2 dedup for the masses by Marco Peereboom

      Thanks for the links Matthew. I'm very curious how you figured out those urls.

      Also, as you mentioned elsewhere, the format is a bit weird. This is possibly due to re-keying not being done. The rtmpdump port should be able to get around this issue and save the file properly.

      If people download the HTTP links above and see a spot where the video looks messed up, a bit of "fast-forward" and or "rewind" often gets things back in sync.

  2. By J.C. Roberts (jcr) on

    Spotted this on youtube.

    > TITLE: OpenBSD/sgi GENERIC-IP30.MP kernel works on SGI Octane2
    > This is DEMO movie for the session of AsiaBSDCon, named "SMP
    > Implementation for OpenBSD/sgi"

  3. By David Coppa (davcoppa) on

    You can download videos from using firefox+greasemonkey and this script:



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