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Heads up! DCBSDCon 2009 now open for registration

Contributed by johan on from the quid-pro-quo dept.

Jason Dixon (jdixon@) wrote to the misc mailinglist about DCBSDCon 2009 now being open for registration.

If you want to attend, please register now!

You can also tune in to the official DCBSDCon blog, here.

List:       openbsd-misc
Subject:    DCBSDCon 2009 Registration is Open!
From:       Jason Dixon 
Date:       2008-12-19 22:29:43

We are proud to announce the opening of registration for DCBSDCon 2009!

DCBSDCon 2009 will be held February 5th and 6th at the Marriott Wardman
in Washington, DC.  This is the inaugural event, but we already have an
awesome lineup of speakers and events.  If you haven't already, check
out the details at

For those registering before February 5, registration is only $75.
Registration at the day of the event (if there are any slots left) will
increase to $125.

Many of you are also following along as we reveal our speakers.  Every
Monday and Thursday, from now through January, we're releasing details 
on a new speaker.  Just yesterday we announced our 3rd speaker, Chris 
Buechler of the pfSense project.  It's like Christmas or Hannukkah, 
without the mess!  Subscribe to our feed at

Register online:

Hope to see you there!

Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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  1. By jason (jason) on

    Quick teaser...

    Besides Henning, we have 4 more OpenBSD-related talks to announce. Watch the blog for more details. :)


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