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New Ports of The Week (December 1)

Contributed by jason on from the dont-hate-us-for-the-hiatus dept.

There were 7 new ports for the week of November 24 to November 30:

gnome hamster-applet

Some ports had updates that users should be aware of.

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • mail/ruby-mime
    • A library for building RFC compliant Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) messages. It can be used to construct standardized MIME messages for use in client/server communications, such as Internet mail or HTTP multipart/form-data transactions.
  • www/ruby-thin_http
    • ThinHTTP is a lightweight and user friendly HTTP client library. It sends both URL (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) and MIME (multipart/form-data) encoded data. This makes it useful for sending either simple GET requests or uploading files via POST.
  • x11/gnome/hamster-applet
    • Project Hamster is time tracking for masses. It helps you to keep track on how much time you have spent during the day on activities you have set up. At the beginning you define some activities you do, like "hacking GNOME", "listening to Humppa", "hurling beer", "pretend to be hacking" and so on, and, whenever you change from doing one task to other, you change your current activity in Hamster. After a while you can see some statistics of how many hours you have spent on what. Some nice reports and graphical statistics will help you keep time tracking fun.
  • www/epiphany-extensions
    • Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensions for Epiphany, the GNOME web browser.
  • security/p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-DBI
    • This module implements the Catalyst::Authentication API using Catalyst::Model::DBI. It uses DBI to let your application authenticate users against a database and it provides support for Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles.
  • sysutils/hcidump
    • HCIdump reads raw HCI data coming from and going to a Bluetooth device and prints to screen commands, events and data in a human-readable form. Optionally, the dump can be written to a file rather than parsed, and the dump file can be parsed in a subsequent moment.
  • x11/gnome/screensaver
    • Gnome-screensaver is a screen saver and locker that aims to have simple, sane, secure defaults and be well integrated with the desktop.

Port update notes:

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Links to ports in the blurb seem to give error. E.g.:

    1. By jason (jason) on

      > Links to ports in the blurb seem to give error. E.g.:

      Fixed, thanks.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Thanks for continuing these updates.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Why are only additions listed, and not removals as well?

    1. By jason (jason) on

      > Why are only additions listed, and not removals as well?

      They typically are. If I missed something it was by mistake.


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