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Call For Donations - Motherboards needed for acpi development

Contributed by johan on from the teach-a-man-to-fish dept.

In the last few releases a lot of progress has been made with ACPI in OpenBSD.

Jordan Hargrave (jordan@) is now hard at work trying to fix some of the last few major problems in the ACPI code. However some of the problems we are facing are related to some very specific hardware configurations. Getting this hardware to Jordan will help iron out the last few problems in the ACPI interrupt routing which needs to be finished before moving on to the next big challenge, ACPI sleep/suspend and resume.

What is currently needed is a donation of these three motherboards:

Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895)

MSI K8N Neo4 (MS-7125)


If you have one please contact Marco Peereboom (marco@) who is coordinating this effort.

Cash is also welcome as other things are needed to get the motherboards running. To donate cash please use the following form (paypal donations are coordinated by Marco):

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  1. By Aaron Linville (2001:470:1f07:168:20d:93ff:fe84:f99) on

    I've actually got a MSI K8N Neo4-H (MS-7125). Unfortunately it's tied up in my primary OpenBSD box, but I made a donation in its honor. Thanks Jordan.

    kylie:~ linville$ dmesg | grep bios0
    bios0: vendor Phoenix Technologies, LTD version "6.00 PG" date 07/21/2006

    Has worked pretty well for me so far. Most other features sata/nic/sound/sensors seem to be well supported.

  2. By Stijn ( on

    Chipped in €50. Who's next?

    1. By Kim Esben Jørgensen ( on

      > Chipped in €50. Who's next?
      Another €50 on the way from me...

  3. By Jacek Masiulaniec ( on


  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    20€ from germany via (don't have a paypal-account and don't want to make one :))

  5. By marco ( on

    Progress has been made but we sure can use a few more donations. Currently we can afford 2 boards without the paraphernalia to make the run.

    Thank you for your generous donations.


  6. By Dennis van Zuijlekom (tmib) t m i b AT x s 4 a l l DOT n l on

    Chipped in 20 EUR as well.

    1. By wim wauters ( on

      And another 50 Euros to tame the ACPI monster :-)

  7. By pebwindkraft ( on

    another 20 Euros from Switzerland - you to convert into $ ...


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