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PACSEC 2008: Tokyo, Nov 12/13

Contributed by ray on from the ima-nanji-desu-ka? dept.

Kevin Kadow wrote,

From the people who brought you CanSecWest, EUSecWest and BA-Con, the sixth annual PacSec conference will be held November 12/13, 2008, at Aoyama Diamond Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

While not shown on the OpenBSD event calendar, there should be a presence, as the conference is sponsored in part by OpenBSD Support Japan, Inc.

PacSec is a single-track conference with simultaneous English/Japanese translation, while the final agenda is not yet available, a list of presentations is available (scroll to end).

Editor's note: sorry for the late notice, it was my fault, not the submitter's. Flame me!

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  1. By minusf ( on

    of course,
    now that i have left japan, they make a conference there :p

  2. By Kevin Kadow ( on

    Wednesday had a good turnout of OpenBSD guys, including several flying the colors. Thursday looks even more promising. I overheard Dragos say something about fugu this weekend...

    Since HITB:Malaysia, I've basically been con-hopping Asia these past few weeks; now I hear talk of a conference coming up in China?


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