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Call for Donations - New Asus EEE 701 needed

Contributed by johan on from the I-can-has dept.

In an email to misc@, Marcus Glocker (mglocker@) writes that he needs new hardware in order to support a different transfer method for UVC devices over usb.

Update (Wed Oct 29 20:47:39 CET 2008): Marcus has just reported that two devices are already on the way. Big thanks to the donors and for all those that offered to help!

Please read on for Marcus' mail:

List:       openbsd-misc
Subject:    Looking for EeePC 701
From:       Marcus Glocker 
Date:       2008-10-29 5:45:11

Hi Folks,

We want to add USB BULK support for UVC devices in our uvideo(4)
driver.  There are not that many UVC devices around which do
BULK transfers, but the advantage would be that BULK transfers are
working a bit more stable than our current ISOC implementation
and we could do some further testing.

One device which I know for sure that has a built-in BULK cabable
device is the EeePC 701.  If somebody would be willing to donate
such a device to me, please contact me off-list.



[ Marcus Glocker,,               ]

If you want better webcam support in OpenBSD - here's your chance to help out, donate an EEE 701 today!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Is this just the 701, or will other Asus EEE models benefit from this work?

  2. By Loki ( on


    1. By Mitja Muzenic (mitja) on .

      > s/donators/donors/

      Fixed, thanks.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    wow, that was fast!


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