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New Ports of the Week #35 (August 31)

Contributed by jason on from the leading-the-polls-over-mccain-palin dept.

There were 5 new ports for the week of August 25 to August 31:


Some ports had updates that users should be aware of. Six ports were removed.

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • devel/cryptopp
    • Yet another library of cryptographic functions, this one in C++. All code is public domain, except the mars implementation. This is a dependency for net/amule.
  • net/hs-HTTP
    • This package contains updated versions of Warrick Gray's excellent Haskell HTTP and Browser modules.
  • audio/p5-Music-Audioscrobbler-Submit
    • Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit is a scrobbler for MPD implementing the 1.2 protocol, including "Now Playing' feature. Items are submitted and stored in a queue. This queue is stored as a file using Tie::File. When you submit a track, it will add the queue to the track and process the queue. If it submits all items in the queue, the submit() method will return true.
  • audio/p5-Music-Audioscrobbler-MPD
  • devel/cunit
    • CUnit is a lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C. It provides C programmers a basic testing functionality with a flexible variety of user interfaces. It uses a simple framework for building test structures, and provides a rich set of assertions for testing common data types. In addition, several different interfaces are provided for running tests and reporting results.
  • Port update notes:

    • multimedia/devede:
      Bugfix update to DeVeDe 3.11.
    • graphics/luvcview:
      This update fixes a core dump when using image resolutions greater than 640x480. The upstream project has been informed and confirmed the bug. As soon a new version is available which includes the fix we will remove the patch and update the port.
    • net/cvsync:
      Fix an off-by-one buffer underrun (from millert@) and add xenocara to the OpenBSD cvsyncd.conf template.
    • editors/nano:
      Bugfix update to 2.0.8.
    • graphics/tiff:
      This contains a security fix for the "LibTIFF LZW Decoder Buffer Underflow Vulnerability" (SA31610). The patch was extracted from Debian's tiff_3.8.2-7+etch1.
    • net/py-dnspython:
      Bugfix update to 1.6.0.
    • net/livemedia:
      Update to liveMedia 2008.07.25, and remove a wrong timeout. This fixes tv-over-ip for at least Free French ISP.
    • graphics/gimp/stable:
      Update to 2.4.7.

    Ports that were removed:

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  1. By David Chisnall ( on

    The GNUstep-back port was also updated last week. This previously included the xlib back end, which is quite deprecated, and now also includes the libart and cairo back ends. Users can switch between them at runtime (libart is most stable, although has a known bug with remote X11 across different endian machines, cairo is newer and is the only one to support RGBA windows).

  2. By Mark Peloquin (incripshin) on

    Crypto++ looks very cool. I love C++, encryption, and permissive licenses. If I ever get a chance to use C++ and encryption together, I will definitely be using crypto++. Will that ever happen? It might definitely be a possibility.

  3. By Brian Kemp ( on

    Kudos to the OpenBSD community / Undeadly for noticing that blobwars was non-free and removing it, and then announcing it. This information was helpful in filing bugs to remove the package from other licensing-sensitive software distributions (i.e., gNewSense.)

    I've grown to rely on OpenBSD's commitment to strict licensing.



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