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Heads up! softraid(4) rewrite committed

Contributed by johan on from the meta-not-PETA dept.

Marco Peereboom's (marco@) large rewrite of softraid(4) which was covered in this story earlier here on Undeadly, has just been committed.

As the new code is not compatible with the old metadata format users are advised to backup their data and recreate their softraid volumes. When booting a kernel with the new code it will no longer assemble softraid volumes created prior to this change.

Please read on for Marco's notes...

Oops forgot to mention the biggest help I got.  djm had the great idea
of immutable portions of metadata and helped me a lot writing down the
new format.  Thanks mate :-)

and here's the commit message.

As usual, please continue testing snapshots and -current, and send feedback to the developers.

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  1. By Joseph ( on

    Fantastic work, mate! Softraid is an indispensable feature of OpenBSD (for my purposes)


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