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New Ports of the Week #28

Contributed by jj on from the one-girl-in-every-port dept.

New ports this week:

updated ports:

  • audio/sox
    Section rewrite to fix an assumption that long int is always 32 bits.

  • devel/py-nose
    - bugfix update to py-nose-0.10.3

  • devel/py-silc
    Release 0.5.

  • geo/qlandkarte
    qlandkarte-0.7.3, highlights:
    - added ascent/descent delta on tracks
    - fixed antialiasing bug (much better performance)
    - fixed coordinates miscalculation bug

  • graphics/ffmpeg
    update to subversion snapshot from 2008-06-20.
    added since last update:
    - AVM2 (Flash 9) SWF muxer
    - QT variant of IMA ADPCM encoder
    - VFW grabber
    - Ipod/Iphone compatible mp4 muxer
    - Mimic decoder
    - MSN TCP Webcam stream demuxer
    - RL2 demuxer / decoder
    - IFF demuxer
    - 8SVX audio decoder
    - BFI demuxer
    - MAXIS EA XA (.xa) demuxer / decoder
    - BFI video decoder
    - OMA demuxer
    - libswscale is now enabled in the build.

  • mail/evolution
    Update evolution to 2.22.3, which includes fixes for CVE-2008-1108 and CVE-2008-1109.

  • mail/evolution-plugin-rss
    - update evolution-rss to 0.1.0 (includes loads of fixes and features)

  • mail/p5-GetLive
    Update to 0.57. This allows GetLive to work again.

  • multimedia/avidemux
    - bugfix update to avidemux-2.4.2

  • net/nmap
    Update to 4.68.

  • net/nsd
    Update to NSD 3.1.0; bug fix release.

  • net/samba
    Update to Samba 3.0.30; bug fixes and a security issue fixed, CVE-2008-1105.
    Specifically crafted SMB responses can result in a heap overflow in the Samba client code. Because the server process, smbd, can itself act as a client during operations such as printer notification and domain authentication, this issue affects both Samba client and server installations.

  • net/transmission
    Overdue update to 1.22.

  • net/bitlbee
    bugfix update to bitlbee-1.2.1

  • net/silc-client and net/irssi-silc
    sync with silc-client-1.1.4p0 patchset:
    - do not enable DIV_SMALL by default, on all archs
    - for now, don't use 128-bit arithmetics on amd64, as a work-around for the gcc bug. gcc3.3 mangles arguments for __divti3, and amd64 hangs on non-DIV_SMALL, when passing correct arguments. this is what silc-toolkit and silc-server use, too
    unbreaks amd64

  • print/poppler
    Fix memory management bug (CVE-2008-295).

  • security/clamav
    update clamav to 0.93.3. possible SECURITY. since 0.93:
    - fixes DoS with MailFollowURLs (CVE-2008-2713)
    - improves handling of PDF, CAB, RTF, OLE2 and HTML files
    and includes various bugfixes for 0.93 issues.

  • www/minimo
    - start normal versioning; stick with branches of firefox 2 releases, so that we don't end up with non-stable versions
    - security update to minimo-

  • www/py-turbogears
    - bugfix update to py-turbogears-1.0.5

  • www/drupal5/core
    DRUPAL-SA-2008-044 prevents some risks that can occur if you install some third party modules, or have very malicious users with high privileges.
    - deletion of translated terms under cross site requests.
    - session fixation attacks after installing 3rd party modules like workgroup NG.

  • www/drupal5/nodeprofile
    rich user profiles

  • www/gtkhtml3
    Update gtkhtml3 to 3.18.3. Includes a fix to make evolution not crap out on specially formatted html.

  • x11/vlc
    SECURITY: patch to fix integer overflow in wav handling (CVE-2008-2430)

  • x11/xfce4/xfce4-wavelan
    Update to xfce4-wavelan 0.5.4, not BROKEN anymore.

removed ports:

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    no descriptions of the new ports on the page?

    1. By Anonymous Coward (2a01:348:108:155:216:41ff:fe53:6a45) on

      > no descriptions of the new ports on the page?

      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/09 05:20:44
      Log message:
          Import dvtm, a dynamic virtual terminal manager for the console.
          From a submission on irc/ports@ by Emilien Gaspar, Thanks!
          ok wcmaier@ pyr@
      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/09 10:56:43
      Log message:
          Aleph One is a game engine currently in development by the Open Source
          community. It is based on the source code of Marathon 2: Durandal, a
          game created by Bungie Software in 1995. Since Bungie released the
          source code, Aleph One has matured to include a variety of new features
          and improvements.
          ok merdely
      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/10 07:22:41
      Log message:
          Import emesene (not linked to build).
          The emesene Windows Live Messenger client supports tabbed chat,
          custom emoticons, file transfers, offline messaging, personal
          messages, nudges and MSN Plus!. The multilingual GUI can be extended
          through customization including themes, smilies, sounds and tweaks
          to the conversation format.
          requested by and 'please commit' robert@
      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/10 17:37:21
      Log message:
          import py-genshi, a toolkit for generation of output for the web.
          input and ok wcmaier@
      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/10 19:54:15
      Log message:
          xcalib is a tiny monitor calibration loader for XFree86 (or and
          MS-Windows. It allows you to load the 'vcgt'-tag of ICC profiles to
          X-server (like MS-Windows or MacOS do) to calibrate your display.
          from Mitja Muzenic (MAINTAINER)
          some cleanup and ok merdely@
      CVSROOT:	/cvs
      Module name:	ports
      Changes by:	2008/07/11 07:07:54
      Log message:
          DRIconf is a configuration applet for the Direct Rendering
          Infrastructure. It allows customizing performance and visual quality
          settings of OpenGL drivers on a per-driver, per-screen and/or
          per-application level.
          The settings are stored in system wide and per-user XML configuration
          files, which are parsed by the OpenGL drivers on startup.
          Originally by oga@; tested by oga@ and guenther@. Python jiggery and
          other cleanups by moi.
          double ok fgsch@, ribbit landry@

    2. By Janne Johansson (jj) on .

      > no descriptions of the new ports on the page?

      That was me screwing up this PotW.

    3. By Daniel Gracia (Paladdin) on

      > no descriptions of the new ports on the page?

      That was my first reaction, but then I saw that underlined words that made me thought it twice: That's why they call it hypertext!

      Answer to my questions were just a click away :D


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