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Heads Up! ati(4) was updated

Contributed by johan on from the gfx-updates-r-us dept.

Owain Ainsworth (oga@) has committed an update to the Xorg ati(4) driver.

In this update the quirk:

Option      "iBookHacks" "on"
was removed, hence macppc users are advised to remove it from xorg.conf. Additionally the MergedFB mode was removed in favor of xrandr(1).

Please read on for Owain's notes:

  From: Owain Ainsworth 
  Date: 2008-07-03 02:18
As a warning, any X snapshot that hits a mirror around the time of
this email (they're currently copying out) will contain an update of the
"radeon" driver to 6.9.0. The "r128" and "mach64" drivers have been split-out
in this release, but the "ati" wrapper should take care of that.

Now, there's some changes in this driver update that you may wish to be
aware of:

macppc users: 
        If you use any quirks for your macbook, or have a mac, you may
        want to check "man 4 radeon" and look at the "MacModel" option
        if you have any trouble. The old mac quirk option (the name of
        which escapes me right now), has been removed.
dual head users:
        If you used "MergedFb", I warn you that this has also gone,
        superceded by xrandr 1.2. So if you use this in your setup, I
        recommend you look into migrating. While theoretically
        intel-specific, the following page has some useful 
        information on configuration:

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Thank you so much Owain!!!

    This finally fixed the graphics on my G3 ibook, which previously only ran in 8 bit colour mode (with or without "iBookHacks").


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