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AMD Geode LX? Sounds great!

Contributed by Marc Balmer on from the audio-r-us dept.

audio(4) support for AMD Geode LX systems.

The AMD Geode LX companion chip (CS5536) has an integrated audio codec controller (ACC) to control an AC'97 compatible audio codec. While the CS5536 ACC supports up to 5.1 surround sound, all systems I have seen so far use the Realtek ALC203 two-channel AC'97 audio codec. That means stereo output and recording. Enough for a low-power music device to play the occasional humppa in our office... Well, at least theoretically.

Since the ACC is quite different from other audio codec controllers, like those supported by the auich(4) and auicp(4) drivers, the audio could not be used on OpenBSD.

A new driver, auglx(4), has been committed today to fill the gap and make the audio port available. Ver ylow-power devices like the PC-Engines ALIX.3C3 can now be used as small audio "servers" (~5W at 12V DC).

Put mpg123 on your system, write a filter for lpd and stream your music using lpr and there's your shared office-jukebox ;)

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Awesome stuff... Another good use of course would be for PBX hold music, etc.

  2. By Matthew Dempsky (2001:470:805a:1:21b:63ff:feca:36df) on

    Is this in the June 25 i386 snapshot?

    1. By Matthew Dempsky (2001:470:805a:1:21b:63ff:feca:36df) on

      Looks like it is:

      $ strings bsd | grep -e auglx -e 4.3-current
      @(#)OpenBSD 4.3-current (GENERIC) #951: Wed Jun 25 10:53:21 MDT 2008
      OpenBSD 4.3-current (GENERIC) #951: Wed Jun 25 10:53:21 MDT 2008

      I'll have to try it out tonight. :-)

      1. By Matthew Dempsky (2001:470:805a:1:21b:63ff:feca:36df) on

        Works well on my Alix.1C. Also, it turns out the processor is fast enough to play either just the video or just the audio from my test file, but not both simultaneously. :-/


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