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New Ports of the Week #25 (June 22)

Contributed by johan on from the blank-slate dept.

There are 5 new ports for the week of June 15 to June 22:

Some ports had updates that users should be aware of. One port was resurrected from the dead.

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • databases/lbdb
    • Little Brother Database is a simple email address database, originally designed for Mutt, but working with other software. It can query multiple backends, including local files of many formats, and some network sources, including finger and YP/NIS. LDAP support is available in the lbdb-ldap package
  • www/ezpublish
    • eZ Publish is a professional PHP application framework with advanced CMS (content management system) functionality. As a CMS it's most notable feature is its revolutionary, fully customizable and extendable content model. This is also what makes it suitable as a platform for general PHP development, allowing you to develop professional Internet applications fast. Standard CMS functionality, like news publishing, e-commerce and forums is already implemented and ready for you to use. Its stand-alone libraries can be used for cross-platform, database independent PHP projects. eZ Publish is database, platform and browser independent.
  • lang/jruby
    • JRuby is an 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. JRuby is tightly integrated with Java to allow the embedding of the interpreter into any Java application with full two-way access between the Java and the Ruby code.
  • misc/contacts
    • Contacts is a small, lightweight addressbook that uses libebook, part of EDS. This is the same library that GNOME Evolution uses, so all contact data that exists in your Evolution addressbook is accessible via Contacts. Contacts features advanced vCard field type handling.
  • sysutils/fdupes
    • FDUPES is a utility to find duplicate files in a directory hierarchy.

Port update notes:

  • www/sarg:
    SECURITY UPDATE to sarg 2.2.5 which includes fixes for SA28668
  • lang/ruby:
    Security update to ruby- (CVE-2008-1145).
  • multimedia/xine-lib:
    This release contains a security fix (buffer overflow in the NSF demuxer, CVE-2008-1878). There are also a few bug fixes, and a new JACK output plugin.
  • mail/roundcubemail:
    SECURITY update to 0.2-alpha, "Replace our crappy html sanitization with the dom-based washtml script" from their commit log gives you some idea ... (advisory). Lots of other bugs fixed too.

    N.B. Upgrading users need to read /var/www/roundcubemail/UPGRADING
  • archivers/star:
    "Between star-1.4 and star-1.5, there have been more changes than in the whole life of star until star-1.4." For cross-platform consistency's sake, put configuration files under ${SYSCONFDIR}/default/.
  • multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/
    Enable the debugging subsystem.

Port that was resurrected:

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