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New Ports of the Week #23 (June 7)

Contributed by merdely on from the calm-before-the-storm dept.

There are 9 new ports for the week of June 1 to June 7:

pecl-APC had an update that users should be aware of.

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-Memcached
  • textproc/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Markdown
  • devel/p5-Perl6-Junction
  • x11/gnome/gvfs
    • GVFS is a replacement for GnomeVFS, the GNOME Virtual File System. GVFS consists of two parts: a shared library which is loaded by applications supporting GIO and GVFS itself, a collection of daemons which communicate with each other and the GIO module over D-Bus. This moves the virtual file systems out of client processes, contrary to GnomeVFS, but somewhat similar to KIO.
      From Jasper's commit message:
      GVFS will eventually replace gnome-vfs2, as more and more applications are ported to use GIO. In the meantime it remains unlinked from the builds. Earlier version of this port created while enjoying good beer at FOSDEM. Quite some patches are already accepted upstream in the meantime.
  • games/maelstrom
    • Maelstrom is a port of the original shareware game for the Macintosh. It is a fast-action, high resolution (640x480) asteroids-like game, with detailed graphics and original sounds.
  • audio/mkplaylist
    • mkplaylist scans the given directories for media files with known file name extensions and writes the names into a playlist file in M3U, extended M3U or PLS format. Those very simple formats are used or at least understood by the vast majority of media players on different platforms. For huge collections which have to be rescanned after adding or modifying some files, the program can cache the meta data to speed up subsequent runs.
  • www/havp
    • HAVP (HTTP AntiVirus proxy) is an easily-configured non-caching HTTP proxy which interfaces to an anti-virus scanner (ClamAV and others) to prevent transfer of infected content (including HTML and image files).
  • net/p5-Net-SSH2
    • Net::SSH2 is a Perl interface to the libssh2 library. It supports the SSH2 protocol (there is no support for SSH1) with all of the key exchanges, ciphers, and compression of libssh2.
  • geo/gpstk
    • The GPSTk suite library provides a number of models and algorithms found in GPS textbook and classic papers, such as solving for the user position or estimating atmospheric refraction. It supports common GPS data formats such as RINEX or SP3.

Port update notes:

  • www/pecl-APC:
    SECURITY fixes (CVE-2008-1488) and bugfixes (including crash on cache-full) for pecl-APC to bring it up to 3.0.19.

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