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Heads Up! - spamd(8) sync protocol updated

Contributed by weerd on from the fixing-bugs-two-at-a-time dept.

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) has just committed an update to the spamd(8) sync protocol, fixing some bugs. The bugs are mostly affecting users with pools of mixed endian machines and users of 64-bit platforms. Since this update is incompatible with the old protocol, the version number was bumped. This means that if you're using a synced spamd setup, you should update your machines at the same time, or they will no longer be able to sync.

In an e-mail to misc@ Theo writes :

A heads up about spamd.                                                                                   
For those heavily using spamd in sync mode, the protocol has changed                                      
to fix a few bugs.                                                                                        
The protocol has a version number and we incrememnted it as a result.                                     
You will need to update all your spamd sync boxes at the same time                                        
(or, older boxes and newer boxes will ignore each other's packets).                                       
So, if you're using spamd, be warned.

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