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Heads up! - routed(8) has been removed

Contributed by johan on from the rest-in-peace dept.

Claudio Jeker (claudio@) has removed routed(8). You are encouraged to use ripd(8) instead. From the commit message:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2008/05/07 05:55:21

Removed files:
	sbin/routed    : Makefile defs.h if.c input.c main.c output.c 
	                 parms.c pathnames.h radix.c rdisc.c routed.8 
	                 table.c trace.c 
	sbin/routed/rtquery: Makefile rtquery.8 rtquery.c 

Log message:
RIP routed.

You were a nice thing in the 4.2BSD times but now it is time for you to go.
Superseded by the shiny privseped ripd that does not have the evil habit to
use kernel internals in userland.

OK everybody in the onsen 'cause it unbreaks the tree

ripd(8) is one in OpenBSD's proud lineup of routing daemons including ospfd(8) , bgpd(8) and dvmrpd(8) .

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  1. By Tom Van Looy (tvlooy) on

    Congratulations :-)

  2. By phessler (phessler) on first undead, then not, then undead again.

    routed can rest in peace, dude.

  3. By c2 ( on

    So, routed was "ripd" out?

  4. By anonymous ( on

    Sad news!

    Does it mean that if I have a firewall working in an ancient network where only RIPv1 is used to publish routes, it will stop working when I upgrade? Is there any alternative?


    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > Is there any alternative?

      Don't upgrade.

      I guess if you can afford to use ancient RIPv1, that you can also afford to run an old version of OpenBSD? Right?


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