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Puffy and the Cryptonauts: What's New in OpenBSD 4.3 -

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Federico Biancuzzi has once again made an interview with a number of OpenBSD developers for the upcoming release. Here is a short excerpt from the article:

You developed snmpd(8) an implementation of the Simple Network Management Protocol, and snmpctl(8), its control tool. What is the status of the implementation?

Reyk Floeter: I started working on working on snmpd(8) because I needed an alternative to net-snmp which is more secure, less complicated, reduced to basic functionality, and designed for OpenBSD. Many people picked it up and started using it even when it still was in a very early development stage. It has been tested with net-snmp, Nagios and some other free and commercial SNMP implementations or Network Monitoring Systems (NMS).

I also like to thank the user community and some developers for the very good feedback with useable bug reports, code review, and testing. We also tested it against the PROTOS test suite which helped to find some remaining issues; snmpd(8) is running very stable now.

Read about what the developers have to say about the changes between 4.2 and 4.3 and how they will affect you. Sparc64 SMP, CARP made easy, what has changed in the ports system and more all in the article over at Onlamp.

For those of you who haven't already ordered your CD set, do so right away (International, Europe)!

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    tomorrow is only a day awaaaaaay ... \O/

  2. By Josh Grosse (josh) on

    Very nice article! I especially like how the interviews are organized by subject matter.


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