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Anniversary driver of the sensors framework

Contributed by johan on from the kate-is-great dept.

Constantine A. Murenin (cnst@) writes in reporting about the latest development in the OpenBSD sensors framework...

Several days ago, a new sensor driver was committed, kate(4), supporting the temperature sensors on the AMD64 K8 family of processors, on both i386 and amd64 platforms. As johan@ asked me to write an article about kate, I looked around, and to my surprise, I discovered that kate(4) is now the 64th driver that uses the sensors framework on OpenBSD! Two previous drivers that were committed are andl(4), the 63rd driver, and fins(4), the 62nd driver.

Taking this opportunity, I'd like to thank all developers for writing the drivers that allow OpenBSD users to easily monitor the health of their boxes, without requiring any complicated setups. As some messages in mailing lists indicate, nowadays it is not uncommon for users to chose their operating system based on the sensor support that it provides. :)

It is also worth thanking the many users that send in their dmesgs to This allows us to improve the i2c scanning procedures, write and test complete i2c drivers, as well as ensure the continued sustainability of other hardware-related support.

How to join the celebration? Send in dmesg and sysctl hw to, so that we can support even more sensors and even better!

Sending these test reports is easy: OpenBSD boxes come with the local sendmail support configured by default, so unless some firewall blocks your outgoing smtp connections, `(dmesg; sysctl hw) | mail -s "sensors celebration"` is all that is needed for a minimal report. If you want the developers to be able to contact you, then you might want to follow some instructions from FAQ 4.9 - but don't forget to include sysctl hw output, too!

Hurray! And if you have an AMD K8, then don't delay in trying out kate!

Thanks for this report, Constantine, and thanks for writing all those drivers!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    "I looked around, and to my surprise, I discovered that kate(4) is now the 64th driver that uses the sensors framework on OpenBSD!"

    In the purely geek sense, that's awesome! (yes, simple things amuse me =)

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Unless the first driver was the 0th, you're too late. Your driver is the 65th ;-p


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