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New Ports of the Week #11 (March 15)

Contributed by merdely on from the free-as-a-bird dept.

Note: The ports tree is now unlocked, so let's get back to submitting ports work to ports@.

There are 4 new ports for the week following the 4.3 lock (March 9 to March 15):
devel/libixp, mail/pine-pgp-filters, mail/swaks, x11/gnome/common
Ports with updates that users should be aware of:
devel/autoconf, devel/pwlib, mail/cyrus-imapd

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • x11/gnome/common
    • Gnome Common is a collection of automake macros used for developing new GNOME 2.0 applications.
  • mail/pine-pgp-filters
    • Pine PGP Filters is a set of simple, fast and secure stand-alone filters to integrate pgp with Pine and Alpine.
  • devel/libixp
    • libixp is a stand-alone client/server 9P library including ixpc client. libixp's server API is based heavily on that of Plan 9's lib9p, and the two libraries export virtually identical data structures. There are a few notable differences between the two, however:
      • libixp multiplexes connections internally, while on Plan 9, the kernel performs this task, and in plan9port, a separate process is spawned to do so. Despite this divergence, the user of the library will not notice any difference in behavior, except that there may be duplicate tag and fid numbers between different connections. This issue is of little relevance, however, as the library handles the task of mapping fids and tags to arbitrary pointers and P9Req structs.
      • libixp is released under a lenient MIT-style license, with the exception of the file intmap.c, which comes from Plan 9, and falls under the LPL. This file may be rewritten at some point, but the author, as of yet, has been uncompelled to do so.
      • libixp lacks lib9p's file trees.
      • Unlike plan9port's lib9p, libixp is POSIX based, and should compile without specialized libraries on nearly any POSIX system.
      (From the libixp homepage)
  • mail/swaks
    • swaks is the Swiss Army Knife for SMTP transaction testing. It provides command line SMTP testing capabilities, including TLS and AUTH.

Port update notes:

  • devel/autoconf: Make autoconf zap the AM_SANITY check for extra speed. According to Todd Fries (todd@), "the primary instigation of zapping the AM_SANITY has nothing to do with speed (although it is a nice benefit). With source on NFS, xenocara builds would regularly fail even with ntpd running on server and client, due to the fact that nfs can never guarantee time is sane as checked by this santiy check."
  • mail/cyrus-imapd: kerberos FLAVOR removed ('-with-auth' configure option was deprecated) and GSSAPI support was added by default.
  • devel/pwlib: Major update to pwlib-1.12.0.

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  1. By iru ( on

    with libixp and o9fs[1] it will be soon possible to write filesystems from userland on OpenBSD. of course, much better than FUSE.



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