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New Ports of the Week #1 (December 30)

Contributed by merdely on from the real-men-don't-wear-straw-hats dept.

There are 9 new ports to start off the first week of the year (December 30 to January 1):
devel/p5-Hash-NoRef, devel/p5-Safe-Hole, devel/p5-Safe-World, geo/qlandkarte, graphics/py-pyx, misc/randtype, multimedia/regionset, net/mcabber, x11/gnome/seahorse

Ports are listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • devel/p5-Hash-NoRef
    • Hash::NoRef will store it's values without increasing the reference count (weak references). It can be used to store objects but without interfering in the DESTROY mechanism, since the reference in this HASH won't count.
  • devel/p5-Safe-Hole
    • Through Safe::Hole, one can execute outside defined subroutines in the original main compartment from the Safe compartment.
  • devel/p5-Safe-World
    • Safe::World allows one to create multiple virtual instances/compartments of a Perl interpreter, that will work/run without touching the other instances/compartments and mantaining the main interpreter normal.
  • graphics/py-pyx
    • PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript and PDF files. It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface. Complex tasks like 2d and 3d plots in publication-ready quality are built out of these primitives. Features:
      • PostScript and PDF output for device independent, freely scalable figures
      • seamless TeX/LaTeX integration
      • full access to PostScript features like paths, linestyles, fill patterns, transformations, clipping, bitmap inclusion, etc.
      • advanced geometric operations on paths like intersections, transformations, splitting, smoothing, etc.
      • sophisticated graph generation: modular design, pluggable axes, axes partitioning based on rational number arithmetics, flexible graph styles, etc.
  • geo/qlandkarte
    • QLandkarte is a Garmin GPS data visualization and managing tool.
  • x11/gnome/seahorse
    • Seahorse is a GNOME application for managing encryption keys. It also integrates with nautilus and other places for encryption operations. With Seahorse, you can:
      • Create and manage PGP keys
      • Create and manage SSH keys
      • Publish and retrive keys from key servers
      • Cache your passphrase so you don't have to keep typing it
      • Backup your keys and keyring
  • net/mcabber
    • mcabber is a small console Jabber client which features SSL support, MUC (multi-user chat) support, history logging, command completion, OpenPGP encryption, OTR (Off-The-Record Messaging) support and external action triggers.
  • multimedia/regionset
    • regionset is a simple tool for setting the region code on DVD drives. If you have a new DVD drive, sometimes they have no region set at all and won't play DVDs until one is set. This solves that problem.
  • misc/randtype
    • Randtype reads either standard input or text files and displays the output, character-by-character or line-by-line, at random intervals. The randomness can be refined on the command line and special things can be done with user defined characters and strings.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    mcabber is great. thank you for porting it.

    1. By Simon ( on

      > mcabber is great. thank you for porting it.

      I can second that! Best console client I know so far.

      1. By Mike Erdely (merdely) on

        > > mcabber is great. thank you for porting it.
        > I can second that! Best console client I know so far.

        I haven't tried mcabber, but I'm pretty happy with irssi+bitlbee.


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