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OpenBSD 4.0 is coming closer

Contributed by jason on from the something-over-the-horizon-this-way-comes dept.

Jasper writes in to remind us:

As most of you may have noticed, both the src and ports trees are unlocked (except for XF4). This means OpenBSD 4.0 has been tagged in CVS and people start committing changes again. Like always, there's a list of the most important changes available.

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  1. By ddp ( on

    Looks like preorders are up.

    1. By Martin Schröder ( on

      > Looks like preorders are up.

      Yup. And there is an audio cd.

      And finally, and end to broken cases: "Three CDROMs in a regular size soft-shell DVD case".

  2. By Nate ( on

    And for those who do not know, the theme is a parody of Asterix, the seal behind Puffy is a mock-Oberix, Wikipedia has the details of the comic strip here.


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