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NYCBSDCon 2006 Registration is Open

Contributed by jason on from the you-know-you-wanna-shake-a-developer's-hand dept.

We are proud to announce the opening of registration for NYCBSDCon 2006, in addition to the list of confirmed speakers.

NYCBSDCon 2006 will be held October 28 and 29 at Columbia University in New York City. Last year's NYCBSDCon 2005 was the first, but this year's has been extended to include more speakers, activities and the opportunity for more networking with the best and the brightest of the BSD community.

To register, please go to

For those registering before October 21, registration is only $95, which includes continental breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, plus beverages throughout the event. From October 22 through October 27, the registration cost increases to $145, and walk-ins during the conference will pay $195. So register early to take advantage of the reasonable early-bird pricing. Columbia University students, staff and faculty, with valid identification, may register in person for only $50 onsite at the conference.

While the schedule will be worked out during the next week, the confirmed speakers are listed at

NYCBSDCon is sponsored by the New York City *BSD User Group.

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  1. By Jason Wright ( on

    Looks like at least two OpenBSD folks will be speaking: marco (bio & sensors) and jason@ (tbd). There are rumors that a couple of other OpenBSD developers will be speaking, and several other developers will be in attendance. Should be fun!

  2. By ddp ( on

    I'd love to go, but I didn't plan well enough for it. There's still a chance, but a slim one. Next year. Maybe. :P

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    schedule is up:


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