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Creating secure wireless access points with OpenBSD and OpenVPN

Contributed by marco on from the Open(BSD + VPN) dept.

Several people pointed out that Newsforge has posted a fairly detailed article entitled "Creating secure wireless access points with OpenBSD and OpenVPN".

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  1. By scarynetworkguy ( on

    A typical howto. And, just to be sure, it makes overblown statements that can't possible be correct, doesn't discuss options, doesn't discuss downsides, and leaves out tons of details.


    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Where's your article?

      1. By scarynetworkguy ( on

        Miss the point much?

        That's what the man pages are for. howtos == bad.

        My comment wasn't really about this one in particular but about this whole class of "documentation".

    2. By tedu ( on

      it gets you started. i think it's actually pretty atypical for a howto.

  2. By sthen ( on

    ...if you do this, be aware that the OpenVPN has had security fixes since 3.8-release; you can find 2.0.4 packages on the ftp servers.

  3. By Michael Pounov ( on

    All is right, but free-hal of wireless atheros chip not work propriety at 5GHz range... :(:( because of that for AP (access point) I use freebsd :(:( atheros support is only good wish in my favourite OS :(:(:(:(:(

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Will you stop spamming about why you use a certain wireless chipset...Really, no one cares.


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