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LSI Fusion-MPT Adapters Needed

Contributed by jolan on from the spare-some-change-for-openbsd-development dept.

marco@ is looking for help acquiring LSI Fusion-MPT adapters for developers in Australia and Canada. The boards will be used to add RAID management functionality to the mpt(4) driver. If you're able to help out with either hardware or cash, please contact marco@ directly.

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  1. By Shane J Pearson ( on

    I did some emailing and ringing around yesterday and found a vendor in Sydney Australia with stock and a good price. So I went there today, payed for the dual channel kit with cables and had it couriered to the Australian developer.

    So assuming he receives that unit, the Australian developer should be set to go soon.

    Since they were so prompt, helpful, patient, cheap and did not try to talk me into an Adaptec: ; ) I'll say thanks to Aladin at in Alexandria Sydney.

    Got it for $280 + GST. Some other mob wanted $532! Lots of others claimed this card was not available in Australia or tried to "spec me up" to an Adaptec card.

    By the way: I am in no way affiliated with Alfa, by the way. In fact this was my first purchase from them.

    1. By djm@ ( on

      Great work!

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Hi djm@, I notice you are using an Aussie ISP.

        Out of interest, how many Aussie OpenBSD developers are there?

        I know of three so far...

        1. By djm@ ( on

          Six that I know of: pascoe@, jsg@, dtucker@, dons@, dlg@, djm@


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