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3.8 CDs Now Shipping

Contributed by jolan on from the omg-wtf-cds dept.

3.8 CDs are now shipping as reported on misc@ so join in on the excitement. If you happened to forget to order a set to support the project whilst getting some install media with a side of nerd stickers, feel free to order now. (You do want OpenBSD to have an 11th birthday right?)

Any bets on how long it will take for reports of broken plastic tabs to show up?

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  1. By Noryungi ( n o r y u n g i @ y a h o o . c o m on

    W00t! Time for the 3.7 CDs to take their place at the top of the OpenBSD CD pile, and for OpenBSD 3.8 to update my machines! I am placing my order today!

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      if so, you will get your cd's in x-mas.

      1. By X ( on

        yes 'im bored with the broken jewell cases ! when new one or in digipack ?

      2. By Spank Rabbit ( on

        Does it really matter when we get them? No, it does not.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          You're right, it doesn't matter. You'd have to wait a bit longer, but eventually you'll be able to download OpenBSD 3.8 while you wait for your CD to arrive. ;)

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    After reading the "reports of broken plastic tabs", and agreeing. I would like to cast a vote for the CDs shipped in a paper cover, with a small poster (A4 or Letter) for the cool graphics, instructions, etc. ...and the stickers tossed in the shipping envelope of course.

    It'd be nice to hang the poster up in our shop...

    1. By scarynetworkguy ( on

      Can you say "broken CDs". So far ordering a shirt at the same time has worked great for me.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        But the question is... Was the shirt broken? ;-)

        1. By scarynetworkguy ( on

          Heh, no. :) Just got back from picking up the package and agian everything was in great condition. I love the way the shirt looks and the CDs this time around are works of art in their own right. Colour me very happy.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on


      How about ...

      STOP YOUR WHINING ... its a goddamn jewel case!!

      You can buy a dozen of them for a buck ... get over it.

      1. By thomasw.xhrl ( on

        i'd like to get 12 cd covers for a this hyperbole or is such a deal available? mind you, in bc where i live, they are more likely to be 1 for 12 dollars:) /me heads to post office to see if any tshirt or cd is there...

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          I used to buy 100 of them for 16 bucks + tax (8.25%) at Fry's Electronics, which makes them .17 cents each. Or, 2.08 bucks for a dozen. Of course it doesn't work that way because they're cheaper by the bulk.

          Then again, they weren't exactly jewel case, but plastic cd cases which I have found to be infinately stronger than those jewel cases. I know they have the slim 100 pack jewel cases for about 20 bucks.

        2. By tedu ( on

          amazing thing, these search engines. 5 double jewel cases (5 times 2 is 10, rounds up to 12) for a buck.

      2. By Old3n ( on

        AC, what about thinking for 2 seconds before posting?
        If you look at the OpenBSD 3-CD pack (you bought them right?), you'll notice a BIG STICKER covering the back + sides. I wish you good luck to either
        * find another 3-CD sleeve that is mechanically compatible with OpenBSD's (to replace the center piece holding the 2 first CDs, not perfect but a good start), or
        * peel off the existing back label to move it to a healthy case.
        If there was a way for me to get the CDs without the so-far incredibly fragile (too cheap?) jewel case but WITH its back sticker, I'd be just happy getting my own case... <hint hint>

      3. By Peter ( on

        True, CD cases are cheap but that is not the point. I have plenty of spare cases already that I will swap out any broken ones for...

        My worry is if/when the CD case breaks in transit, the bits might scratc the CD. (And before anyone thinks this is just me being paranoid, it actually has happend to me once with a music CD ordered from Amazon.)


    3. By Cracked Case Monkey ( on

      Got mine today. Very quick, didn't order more than 5 days ago. First of all, whoever does the artwork should be hired by the FreeBSD guys to come up with a logo. :) The inserts and the actual full-color screened art on the CDs is just amazing. It's nice to see artful touches like this on such a technologically-centered product. Well-rounded and all that. But I gotta say, the cases suck. Both sides of the flip-out tray had a broken "tab". Makes it a real bitch to get the case closed. If it means anything, I vote that they go with either a traditional multi-cd case or a digi-pak foldout for three cds. It doesn't look like shipping damage, it looks like the little fingers break off when the cds are inserted. It's just a really poorly engineered case is all... That said, again, I'm just happy to have my first set of OBSD cds, and I'm sure what's on them is of excellent quality.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    CDs and broken jewel cases are really not my thing, but I'll be sure to check out the donation page when I have some time.

    1. By rlh ( on

      alright, so here's the one concern i have with the new shirt:

      from the looks of it's going to be shit brown...

      call me crazy, but i, for one, would <3 it if all upcoming shirts took the henry ford approach (ie, any color you want, so long as it's black).

      irregardless, i've ordered my CD, shirt, and made my donation. suck on that.

  4. By escapenguin ( e s c a p e at boo dot net on

    I don't care about crappy jewel cases, but my CDs were also damaged. OK, not just damaged, crushed. I'd pay more if it would get me some tougher packaging since I actually use the CDs.

    1. By Wim ( on

      You ordered them from Europe or Canada?

      I've been going extreme lenghts now to package the CDs, they are put in a padded
      envelope, a carboard one and then another padded envelope. That makes over 4 layers of

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Indeed, I just got my cd's (actually, they'd been waiting for me for a few days, but I just got home), and they were amazingly well packed. Took me a while to open the package though ;-) (but then again, maybe my hands were shaking a bit due to the excitement)

      2. By Erik Carlseen ( on

        Yup, I noticed the better packaging this time. Mine arrived in prisine condition. If the postal system is unkind to packages, the two best options are electronic delivery (maybe? please?) or FedEx (expensive, but things tend to arrive on time in one piece).

      3. By escapenguin ( on

        Canada. For the 3.6 release. I was worried it would happen again (I'm starting to suspect some of the mail goes through a paper-shredder once it gets to Philly) so I just cvsuped my box at a friend's for 3.7. When I got my CDs back then they were in a bubble-wrapper, that's cool they're now reinforced with cardboard. Shame you have to go to such lengths to package.

      4. By Rod Whitworth ( ash1 at witworx dot com on

        I hunted down and found a plastic case that holds up to 4 CDs. It is a single opening polythene case and has a hub on the inside of the front "cover" and another on the inside of the back "cover".

        The hubs are tall enough to hold 2 CDs and interlock with each other when the case is closed so that the hub is quite a strong structure.

        I promised a few weeks back to send one off to Austin but an email to him elicited no reply. If anybody remedies that lack of information I intend to Airmail a sample containing 4 CDs to see how well it travels to Milk River.

        It is already packed in a standard Australia Post cardboard CD mailer and as soon as I have an address it goes.

        It is used on magazine covers here in OZ and survives very well. I beat on it by putting CDs in and rapping the edge of the closed case on a hard table top. No damage to case or CDs.

        C'mon somebody. I'm prepared to pay to ship this loaded sample to get rid of the noise and handle more content if another CD is needed.

        I'm sick of talking about it and hearing about lug breaks so I'm doing something.

        Next step? An address, PLEASE!

      5. By Nikademus ( nikademus at on

        Just got my CD today. And the jewel case was totally exploded. But this is _not_ Wim's fault, but full post fault. They tried to put the CD (very carefully packed into a very heavy duty enveloppe and 2 T-shirts) into the small hole of my postbox. I think most jewel cases are broken by post uncare, _not_ because they are not well packaged.

        1. By escapenguin ( on

          Yeah, well I agree. When I was talking about tougher packaging, the last time I had ordered CDs was for the 3.6 release. But even then, when it came in a reinforced bubblewrapper, that should've been enough. I've ordered CDs from others that were packaged in the same material and they've arrived in pristine condition. The postal workers just don't like me.

  5. By pete gilman ( pete p3t3 net on seems reasonable that openbsd could use them too. i personally would prefer paper sleeves, for both practical and ideological reasons.

    for the record (because i think some of the posters here are missing this): it's not just the two tabs which hold on the covers that break; it's also the small internal tabs which clip the cds into the case. because it's a 3-cd set, they're smaller and more fragile than the type you see in single-cd cases.

    i don't use the cds, myself; i just buy them to support the project, and as sort of a souvenir, since i think of myself as an openbsd enthusiast. still, it would be nice to have more professional, robust packaging.

    just my 2 rappen.

    - pete g

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    dude, dont change the case type unless its a higher quality triple cd case. we can always put them in sleeves ourselves if the case is broken, we dont need to pay more to get less. im sure every nerd here has about 50 paper sleeves and 100 extra jewelcases sitting around somewhere.

    1. By scarynetworkguy ( on

      Heh. The way I do it. 1. Get new CDs. Spend a few minutes admiring the art. 2. Take old CDs out of CD case in laptop bag. 3. Put old CDs into new jewel case. (This because I usually can't be arsed to find the old jewel case) 4. Put new CDs into CD case and CD case back in laptop bag. Repeat as needed. :) This way I'm never more than 5 minutes from a OpenBSD install CD. This makes me a happy happy boy.

  7. By blade8086 ( on

    I had the broken tabs thing happen for all my cd's on all my orders,
    3.4 (after the us funding drop) -> 3.7.

    This time, I ordered a t-shirt to go along with the cd's..
    and -all- the tabs were there.. Not sure if I can afford it
    every time, but a possibility perhaps for those with broken-tabitis.


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