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Marc Balmer writes:

While EuroBSDCon 2005 is an event for all the BSD's, there is a lot of OpenBSD activity. We even have a one day tutorial by Reyk Floeter on OpenBSD-based Wireless Networks.

Reyk in his one day tutorial will give in-depth insights about implementing and deploying OpenBSD based wireless networks using hostapd, new drivers, and the improved IEEE 802.11 framework.

Then there are several talks during the conference that are OpenBSD specific. We have collected a list of all OpenBSD related talks with their abstracts and the description of Reyk's WLAN tutorial in a single PDF file. See OpenBSD @ eurobsdcon_05 for the details.

Of course, there will be the usual OpenBSD and OpenSSH booth usually run by Wim where you can buy the usual stuff usual suspects usually need.

BTW: There is a reduced early-bird registration fee till October 10th, and students can apply for an additional reduction.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Are those "improved IEEE 802.11 framework" = WPA/2 support?

    1. By reyk ( on

      WPA2 is not an improvement. If it figures out that it's an inevitable requirement now, we'll balance reasons for starting a clean-room implementation. But WPA*/802.11i has no priority at the moment indeed.

      Our improvement of the net80211 framework is focussed on stability, quality and usability. We already did a lot of cleanup and significant changes to the original code, which has been ported from Free/NetBSD. Some changes are even "under the hood" but very important, like the latest change to use red-black trees instead of the borked and critical hash tables.

      Of course, some other neat changes in the OpenBSD net80211, even features, will be discussed and experienced during my tutorial... ;-)

      1. By m0rf ( on

        What about WLSec? The downloads on don't seem to work.


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