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Opencon 2005 Call for Relators

Contributed by dhartmei on from the open-as-in-beer dept.

Submitted by several people:
OpenCON is the first european conference entirely dedicated to OpenBSD. The manifestation will take place in San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy, on 5/6th of November. Some OpenBSD developers, have already confirmed their presence. It will be possible to follow many speeches, use the conference LAN, speak with other OpenBSD-enthusiasts and, of course, share any kind of knowledge. For more information visit the conference website: or write us at:
The Call

The OpenCON program committee is inviting relators to submit innovative original and interesting speeches on the applications, architecture, implementation, performance and security of OpenBSD operating system. The speeches and slides must be in english. Topics of interest for the OpenCON Conference 2005 include, but are not limited to:

  • kernel hacking
  • embedded application development and deployment
  • device drivers
  • security and safe coding practices
  • system administration: techniques and tools of the trade
  • operational and economic aspects

The extended abstract should explain clearly what are the topics and the aims of the speech in either PostScript or PDF format. Submissions accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement will be rejected.

Authors of accepted submissions have to provide a full paper for publication in the conference proceedings and allow the organizers to publish the results in the printed proceedings and on the conference web site. Instructions to authors will be available on the conference web site.

Important Dates

Tutorial proposals due: October 1
Notification to speakers: October 15
Final papers due: October 20
Conference: November 5/6

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  1. By Sleighboy ( on

    Call me stupid, I thought it said "Call for Realtors", then was trying to think what value they would bring to the gathering.

    Possibly funding OpenBSD development through real estate acquisition?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      LOL, I thought that too only until I noticed your post.

  2. By Wim ( on

    By the way, let me show my bias here and state that I think this is a very cool event, wel at least last year it was the nicest event of 2004 that I attended (but then again I might have been influenced by all these Italianes ;-)

    This year looks like a great location but also a logistical nightmare, I've been warned I can't just pull up with my car to the hotel and unload boxes and posters... you need a boat to get there... Venice... Duh...

    I think I'll just drop ship the usual load with UPS this time and let them figure out how to get things to the correct address (they seem to have a brown delivery boat)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      You probably do right

  3. By pedro ( on

    Italy kicks ass :-)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      ... or Sicily. Thanks I'll be here all evening.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Italian girls are hot!

    2. By Mike ( on

      yeah.. cool! i hope to go there!!

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I know it is difficult and often a thankless job, but audio for those of us who cannot attend is wonderful. I know this is just an announcement, and not their site. But I often feel that many geeks are missing a lot of knowledge shared around openbsd because audio is not released from these cons. Especially knowledge from Theo, hopefully by osmosis....

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      if there will be no troubles and limitation we will do out best to record all the speeches or at lest few. We will put them on the website after the con

  5. By Luca ( on

    Will be possibile to buy 3.8 cd set?

    1. By Nate ( on

      It will, should be ready for preordering some time soon now.

    2. By Wim ( on

      Yes, by that time we'll have all the 3.8 posters, tshirts and CDs, with a bit of luck I can use Fabio's boat to get it to the hotel ;-)

      1. By Marc ( on

        Puffy can swim, can't he?


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