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Pre-orders for 3.8

Contributed by dhartmei on from the its-not-the-years-honey-its-the-mileage dept.

Thanks to several people for reporting that Theo wrote on misc@:
I have activated pre-orders for the 3.8 release.

We think that lots of new groovy stuff has made it into this release. Check out for more information.

Artistically, the release is based on our RAID management efforts. Thus, we have named the release "The Hackers of the Lost RAID", with all the artwork.... and an uncoming song too.

The artwork and the song will be release piece by piece, since not all of it is done yet.

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  1. By Chris Snell ( on

    Ordered my set tonight. Bought the PF book, too. I hope the book will pad my jewel case from breaking. :-)

    1. By X ( on

      same problem with me the case is always broken

    2. By Marcus Glocker ( on

      No, the trick is to order the cd-set with a t-shirt. That works very well ;)

      1. By Rod ( on

        Well, not always does the Tshirt work. Of course as I am somewhat antipodean (Spain is really our antipodes but hey, what's a few megakm between friends?) the chances of stress are higher.

        I am partly to blame because I found a much kinder case that will hold 4 CDs and it is only the same dimension as a jewelcase. The reason it survives better is that it is made of polythene (more flexible) and it holds 2 CDs per side on hubs that interlock with each other.

        The coversheets (and all-important stickers) go in behind a thin transparent sheet that is welded to the leading edge of both the front and back case parts.

        Why blame me? Well Austin doesn't have the sample yet! Dopey here lost it in the NOC (Nasty Old Closet) and only had an attack of the guilties when placing his advance order for a couple of 3.8s and another T.

        I promise to get it to the Post Office by Monday with a load of 4 CDs and the thinnest packaging so that we can see how well it lasts with a full load.

        Here's to a future where I never hear about another broken retainer lug and Austin relaxes a bit at release time.


  2. By Seb ( on

    Ordered mine yesterday. And I don't know what you're all whining about every release, but I never received a broken jewel case since 3.1 (or was it 3.0?); thanks Wim!

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      The only time I have not received a broken jewel case is when I ordered a t-shirt too. I have taken it to be a fact of life with the store. They keep costs down and I get a broken case. I am happy enough with the fact that the software is not broken.

  3. By Dan ( on

    Hello, Few months ago in HackTown, some new features regarding threads in kernel in OpenBSD. Are this features are inside openbsd3.8 or threads are still in userland?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      1. By dan ( on

        May 9.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          "The plus38.html file was poorly maintained over the 3.7-3.8 release"


    2. By Pablo Méndez Hernández ( on

      They are still in userland :(

  4. By Noryungi ( on

    Sorry for the stupid question, but has anybody reported port breakage after the addition of the new malloc(3) functionality? According to Theo himself, the new malloc(3) could result in SIGSEGV in software that is not made by the OpenBSD project...

    1. By Clay Dowling ( on

      I haven't heard anything, but if you build a debugging version it shouldn't be too hard to track the problem down with a debugger.

      I'm actually really looking forward to this release because it will make a good additional check for my apps. While I'd like to think that I'm writing code that doesn't segfault I'll feel a lot better when I can run it reliably on a system that won't tolerate dicey memory handling.

      1. By veins ( on

        it's really neat, it caused some code of mine to segfault while it was "working fine" on 3.7, freebsd, netbsd and darwin. spotted the subtile memory related bug and fixed it ;)

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I've noticed a few ports b0rking with a SIGSEGV that didn't before.

      I haven't reported them though ... my bad

      1. By Peter Valchev ( on

        Why don't you report them right now?

  5. By Amir Mesry ( on

    Woot! Ifstated finally makes it into the release! now I don't have to compile it!

    1. By deannapayne ( on

      Hi, finally found you on the web. Love Mom.386-753-7722(temp.#) Lakecity.We are at church at New Life Christian Fellowship on 422 Baya Av. Give me a call or email me.

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I would have called it "RAIDers of the lost arch"

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      ..and amiga is the arch we lost. =)


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