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OpenBSD Moves To 3.8-beta

Contributed by jolan on from the nearing-release-time dept.

Theo has bumped the version identifier from 3.7-current to 3.8-beta in CVS HEAD. Now is an especially good time to test snapshots.

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  1. By kokamomi ( on

    now if somebody would just update the "daily" changelog so that we would know what we're testing... ;)

      1. By Jasper ( on

        I noticed this when recompiling the kernel of my laptop and Alpha. Now the other computers here are recompiling.

        I wonder what the "theme" of the 3.8 release will be, _will_ it really become hummpa??

      2. By Roo ( on

        It's nice to inspect the CVS logs, but it's a pain in the butt quite frankly if you're looking for a quick summary. The Daily Changelog (when it's up to date) is a fantastic resource for those of us who don't relish trolling through a few hundred CVS commits. Besides some of us have too little time left over from fixing Windows boxes to earn bread. :)

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Just send your diff along to www@, and I'm sure somebody will update the web page promptly.

  2. By yurii ( on

    Yauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! *running to test snaphots*

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Are all kernels except for release compiled with debug?
    Searched, but did not find.

    1. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

      snapshots and release kernels are not built with debugging enabled.

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    In case it wasn't already apparent, you'll discover 20% more bugs when listening to humppa while testing and/or debugging code.

    1. By djm@ ( on

      i don't think that compensates for the atrocious, painful sound that you have to endure.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        You sir, are a communist heathen and I pity you

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Yay communism !

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        With all the Hoopla regarding Humppa lately .. it'd be a crime if the new OpenBSD 3.8 song isn't of a Humppa sort!

    2. By Janne Johansson ( on

      But how many are introduced by having hummpa while writing it in the first

      func(humppa_t finnish, char *songname) {

    3. By Miod Vallat ( miod@ on

      I'm afraid your figures are wrong - recent scientific studies show that listening to Humppa while working causes a productivity improvement of 42%, and 32,66% less bugs in the code.

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    This means I will have to rebuild all my zaurus packages ... right ?

    Bugger !

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on


      1. By phessler ( on

        cross-compiling is not supported on openbsd.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Yeah, but it would really help for ports on slow platforms. Doing the Kismet port on Zaurus wasn't very funny (neraly two hours turnaround).

          After some recent discussion on misc@ (IIRC), IMO either goals.html should be adjusted ("Provide a good cross compile/development platform") or someone[1] should try to set up such an environment.

          It's not about building *packages* on a cross environment, but about developing on it, and then let the final build run on the native platform.

          [1] I'd *love* to work on this.

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            I don't know much on the topic but perhaps you could take a look at how NetBSD does it.

            With my limited experience with cross-GCC on other platforms, basically you just install binutils, headers, compilers and libraries to another PREFIX. So then from there is of course the idea of somehow working that new toolset into the BSD make system.

            I wouldn't imagine it too hard, even on OpenBSD, if you just play with some variables.

            1. By Nick Holland ( on

              We are quite aware of what NetBSD does.
              We are quite aware of the results.

              There are lots of reasons OpenBSD is a native-build system. It may take a little longer, but we feel it is worth it. Search the mail list archives for this (often repeated) topic and why it is a non-starter with the developers on the OpenBSD project.

              And personally, as someone who oversees mac68k builds, you aren't going to get one tiny bit of sympathy from me on your 200MHz machines. :)


              1. By Anonymous Coward ( on


                I wasn't suggesting that OpenBSD should do what NetBSD does. I understand the argument that compiling the system is a good stress test, etc.

                However, someone asked the question, so I replied to it. All I'm saying is that even though the OBSD people are against it, it would probably be trivial to cross-compile to begin with.

                I wasn't complaining about slow builds, I was replying to someone else's complaints. I happen to have an M68K system, by the way, so I know what you mean.

                1. By henning ( henning@ on

                  it would probably be trivial to cross-compile to begin with.

                  the funny thing is, that those who make claims like this are the ones that never tried it. maybe because those that tried it know that statements like these are wrong.

                2. By Matthias Kilian ( on

                  Some clarifications:

                  I didn't really complain, I even don't want to cross-build and then run that frankenbinaries on the target. I just would like a cross-environment for the inital work on new ports (i.e. new stuff in /usr/ports).

                  For example, first port *big-fat-piece-of-software-written-in-c++* on and for some fast platform, then cross-build it for a slower platform, and if it looks fine, do the remaining work natively right on the target platform.

                  And of course I know that such an environment is *not* trivial, as Henning already said. Building a cross-chain is easy, but *using* it the right way, for example not confusing host and target, is difficult. If in doubt, ask some of the folks working with embedded systems (regardless wether on *BSD, or Linux, or whatever).

                  Anyways, I'll try to hack on some cross-environment whenever there's nothing better to do. I may (and most probably will) give up some day, but who cares?

              2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

                Has anyone tried building with distgcc with OpenBSD ?

                Considering that some of the solwest platforms are also some of the cheapest ( not always though, ) it might be more productive for development, and remain within the "build for it's own arch" guidelines by having multiple machines building the source.

                Hmmm..... I might take a crack at this ....

                1. By Andrew Dalgleish ( on

                  I have a port of distcc.
                  You can build the kernel and most ports, but building the system bombs out.
                  Some of the Makefiles need patching, some of the problems come from within make(1) itself.

                  As far as using distcc to cross-compile, it kinda works.

          2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            I usually leave my Z building over night

    2. By jasper ( on

      Thank god you don't have a Cats then, since the Cats packages are also built on the Zaurus, so the latter is the fastest ARM machine of the OpenBSD platforms

    3. By Nick Holland ( on should be testing pre-built packages, so we can spot bugs in what the OpenBSD project is producing.

      1. By Johan M:son ( on

        I agree entirely, though, there's not a whole lot of pre-built (ports)
        packages for the arm platform, so chances are the stuff you need/want is
        not pre-built (hence need to recompile).

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        The prebuilt packages for Arm were out of date last time I checked so you could not install them even if you wanted to. So everything I have outside the standard install has been built by me over the period of a weekend.

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Time to go buy more landfill-clogging CDs so I can get this bad boy installed. I have these things floating all over my house.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      just use a floppy disk, or bsd.rd, and make a local mirror. no waste.

      1. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

        If you have a computer with a floppy drive... I wouldn't even consider using a floppy even if it did.

    2. By Shane ( on

      Time to go buy more landfill-clogging CDs so I can get this bad boy installed. I have these things floating all over my house.

      CD-RW DVD-+RW floppy USB stick/drive HDD Tape net boot Choose your poison.

    3. By chrissnell ( on

      How about reading the manual and learning to use bsd.rd?

  7. By Anonymous Coward ( on


    from misc@ 2005-08-22

  8. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    And with this: commit Theo removed the -beta tag.


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