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OpenBSD to be mentioned in SANS webcast

Contributed by grey on from the webcast? dept.

Thanks to Rob G for submitting the following announcement:

I thought the Undeadly crowd would like to see that OpenBSD is mentioned in a SANS webcast.

I have not attended this webcast as it does not occur until Wednesday, August 03, 2005; but I figure some readers might like to attend.

The link is as follows: Description from the SANS website:


Join us for a discussion of a real-world modular network. This discussion includes desktop (firewall, OS lockdown, ant-virus, anti-spyware), intranet (Windows 2003 AD, VAS, IPSec, VPNs, PKI) and internet (OpenBSD servers for DNS, HTTP, SMTP, stateful packet filter firewalls, application layer firewalls, intrusion prevention systems) subsystems.

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  1. By m0rf ( on

    mplayer can play the .wma stream and realplayer under linux emulation can play the .rm stream (only tried on i386 though)

    1. By m0rf ( on

      this applies to the archived streams, the live streams may be another matter, guess we'll see.

  2. By Rob G ( on

    Sorry everyone...

    I attended this webcast and it did not have any OpenBSD content. I believe the only OSes the presenter mentioned were Windows and Linux.

    My apologies....

    1. By Don B ( on

      I attended as well, good general info, but no mention of OpenBSD in the content. dang


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