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BSD Certification: Task Analysis Survey Report Published

Contributed by grey on from the if you have a lot of time to read dept.

Thanks to those who wrote in to let us know about the following:

The BSD Certification Group is pleased to announce the publication of their detailed Report on the results of the Task Analysis Survey.

The report covers the purpose and methodology of the survey and includes evaluations of over 200 system administration tasks, proposed testing methods, and certification types and levels.

The BSD Certification Group intends to use the report to develop a certification roadmap, including a curriculum, test methods, and timetable.

The whole press release of the BSD Certification Group is here.

One of our submitters, Daniel Melameth pointed out the following interesting tidbit: "When respondents were asked which BSD flavors were used in their organization, over 40 percent said OpenBSD—with managers citing over 50 percent penetration (see page 26). I never realized OpenBSD was so prolific."

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  1. By Chas ( on

    <p> a couple of places at work.</p>

    <p>I had it running John the Ripper for awhile, until I also needed an Oracle database and some PRO*C applications on the same box (so I was forced to replace it with CentOS).</p>

    <p>I'm also using it for a (non-security) QA proxy firewall with the old <a href="">fwtk</a>. The configuration was pretty basic (much simpler than pf, and more powerful for what I did), and it certainly impressed our VMS and Unisys telnet addicts.</p>

    <p>Ahh, legacy...</p>

  2. By pgilman ( pete_p3t3_net on

    i'm a junior/mid-level unix admin. i'm going to use the lists of proposed questions as a sort of syllabus to teach myself new things; very useful.


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