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should undeadly continue to post errata?

Contributed by grey on from the userbase dept.

No, the sidebar updates are automatic and great. 13.2% (102 votes)

Yes, I didn't notice the sidebar and like to see a story. 48.8% (376 votes)

? There's a sidebar that displays errata? 37.9% (292 votes)

Total votes: 770

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  1. By Jon ( on

    Would it be possible to make the side bar version of the errata availible via RSS?
    (Or does anyone know of one which is actually kept up to date?)


    1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

      You can try this first version:

      It will need tweaking (the dates are non-conforming still), but maybe it's a start. No need to retrieve it more than once an hour, the underlying script scraping the page runs only that often.

      1. By Jon ( on

        I just tried it out and it looks great.



  2. By Ian McWilliam ( on

    I Vote Yes. The side bar is great for a quick glance. It doesn't foster discussion should people like to discuss the errata.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Seconded, I find (some of) the ensuing discussion to be useful.

      1. By wob ( on

        Agreed. Plus there's not many errata announcements between releases anyway, so they don't dominate and clutter up the main page.

  3. By vrkid ( on

    I second the request for a RSS feed of the errata box.

  4. By sbr ( on

    i think its nice to be able to discuss things, and as far an rss feed so people can be notified of new errata, isn't there a magical thingy mabob called the "security annonuce" mailing list? which every do gooder openbsd users should be subscribed to?

    just a thought.


    1. By ssc ( on

      lol, how many announcements for 3.6 or 3.7 were send to the security announce list? Can't think of anyone...

      1. By tedu ( on

        3.6: 6
        3.7: 3

    2. By Adam Gleave ( on

      You can never have too many notifications of security - your far more likely to notice that their is an errata if it's on security-annoucnce, errata page, sidebar, mainpage, your rss feed... than just with one :)

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    For something that happens so infrequently, I think it is still nice to have a story item connected to an errata fix. That way we have a forum for patch-specific discussion about any problems outside the normal mailing lists.

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    IMHO you should put the errata sidebar above the older stuff sidebar. As a regular visitor of the site i usually don't scroll down that far - but i definately will to so anyways if looking for older articles.

  7. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Sidebars look so much like advertisements, I tend to dismiss them without ever noticing what they contain. I'm sure I'm not alone. I think you definately should continue posting these things as stories ...


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