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OpenBSD users are invading the What The Hack 2005 event

Contributed by Wim on from the what the hack dept.

Announcing the OpenBSD presence during What The Hack 2005

Thursday 28 July till Sunday 31 July 2005

All info on


You might remember us from such mishaps and hangovers like HAL 2001, (see,
FOSDEM and CCC SummerCamp 2003 (see
... Well, we are at it again.

BSD users are invading the What The Hack 2005 event and have claimed an entire field (F) as their little
embassy of sanity, lounge and cool drinks.

This year we'll have 2 tents, a 200 m^2 one for hacking (tables and couches) and a 100 m^2 one for sleeping only.
There is also a container for secure storage of equipment.

We'll have a rather large bar, so if you are good in serving beer or making coctails, volunteer as a bar slave.

We'll be providing a roof over the head for any OpenBSD user or developer interested spending 4 days in a field
near Den Bosch.

Our regards go out to the impressive WtH organisation who secured this great location, with real showers (big deal)
and REAL toilets (now that is a relief compared to the solar heated Dixies...)

If you are interested in attending this event, please register first with
the What the Hack organizers using

Second step is to register your presence in the BSD Village,
using the web form at

For any questions, please contact

See you on the campground!


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  1. By ssc ( on

    I would like to mention that there are also quite a few OpenBSD users at the w00tstock village on field A5.

    Ok, lets ask the one real important question about life, the universe and everything:
    Will there be Gulden Draak in OpenBSD village?

    1. By Wim ( on

      I consider bringing another pallet of Gulden Draak, but it's distribution will be limited to OpenBSD users only as last events, the stuff just dissapears too easy ;-)

      So how many bottles should I reserve for you?

      1. By ssc ( on

        He, yes...I think this beer is even more popular than the tshirts :p

        It would be great if you could reserve 10 bottles for me.
        I'm not quite sure if I can attent WTH, but chances are high since the ticket is already payed :)

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( Earxtacy on

            And prepare 20 for french openbsd user that will in wireless village :) (they were just very good at CCC camp :))

          2. By ssc ( on

            Yes, please do so.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Moehahaha :)

      I'm from holland, but for sure that whould be my ride if i lived in Germany.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Looks like it got cancelled =(

  3. By som1 ( on

    you will need some first aid stuff, just in case something happens..

    1. By Wim ( on

      Actually we are right next to the CERT, which is the emergency response team for medical problems.

      I'm really happy with their presence and as some of you remember from last Xmas in Berlin, they saved my foot (2 days away and it would have subject to amputation). No need to mention they are always welcome to come and get free drinks from me this year ;)

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Is that 120 euro including entrance tickets to WTH?
    For me it is not possible to pay
    150( ticketprice)+120(this ticketprice)+15(hackingspace)+15(sleepingplace) right now.
    It's not really clear to me and I hope it's included in the 120 so I can join you all.

    1. By Philipp ( pb@ on

      No, from what I understand the 120EUR are for the ticket. Yet the cheaper preorder phase is over, that would be 150, but not 150+120. ask wim to be sure :)

    2. By Wim ( on

      I bought a whole bunch of tickets 3 months ago at EUR 120 (pre-register discounted price).

      Problem is that I'm running out so I will have buy a new batch at EUR 150 for those who
      register from this week on.


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