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sasyncd - IPSec SA synchronization daemon for failover gateways in -current

Contributed by grey on from the giving VAX cluster IPsec implementations a run for their money, dept.

Thanks to Jonathan for writing in with the following:

Current now features sasyncd for IPSec failover.

OpenBSD gateways can so share one IP address through carp and share firewall states and IPSec SA and SPD information through pfsync and sasyncd. WooHoo!

Also see: sasyncd(8) and sasyncd(5)

Thanks to Brad Smith for pointing out that this is not ready for use just yet.

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  1. By jared spiegel ( on

    also interested in seeing ipsecctl(8)/ipsec.conf(5) pan out.

  2. By lis ( iulian on

    cool feature

  3. By lis ( on

    cool feature


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