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EuroBSDCon 2005 - Will YOU attend?

Contributed by dhartmei on from the conferences dept.

Yes, I will register. 4.8% (25 votes)

Yes, I will register and I am interested in tutorials. 4.1% (21 votes)

I don't know yet. 9.8% (51 votes)

No, I cannot attend. 81.3% (421 votes)

Total votes: 518

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  1. By Marcus Glocker ( on

    As you may know, the fourth european BSD conference (EuroBSDCon) will be held November 25 - 27 at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

    We are working hard to get things going and to make this THE BSD event not to miss. To give us a hint for how much people we should prepare, please vote. And don't forget telling your friends to drop their vote here, too.


  2. By phessler ( on

    how much for the conference, and how much will the hotel(s) be?

    1. By mirabile ( on

      It used to range from 150 EUR to about twice that,
      which is far above what people like me can spend.

      I don't know if it will be the same this year though.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    It sounds like it'd be great, but I live in the USA (Washington, DC area). Given the sheer number of viable places to host conferences on BSD, and the near-total assimilation of IT shops here by Microsoft, I can understand why very few, if any, Free Software conferences of this sort are held here. Matter of fact, I personally haven't seen a single one. I don't count FOSE because it's definitely not specific to Free Software; it actually seems quite the reverse nearly all of the time.

    My nation's capital will likely be one of the last places we see pervasive use of Free Software. That's a damned shame. I'll still keep doing what I can in my small corner of the world, though. For those of you in Europe, please, please get on the phone and write letters to your representatives in the European Parliament regarding the danger of software patents! Don't become like us in that respect.

    Thank you, all you Free Software developers and documenters, for what you do.

  4. By miguel ( on

    About to finish my degree this summer and looking for a job in Switzerland. If I succeed (job hunting) I'll be there for sure ;).
    But it's too early by now ..

    1. By tedu ( on

      you should definitely attend if _don't_ have a job.

      1. By miguel ( on

        If I _don't_ get a job in Switzerland, I definitely stay _working_ in Spain, and it will be too far away from here ;)
        Maybe if I group some bsd spanish fanatics we could organize something and finally be attending eurobsdcon .. WeŽll see!

    2. By pgilman ( on

      good luck - i just spent 2 *years* in switzerland looking for a unix job, without success, and i'm a swiss citizen. now, admittedly, i'm only a mid-level admin and not a senior-level guru, but when i finally gave up and came to the usa, i found a job in 2 weeks. unix jobs in CH are few and far between; microsoft seems to own almost the entire IT industry there...

      on a related note, does anybody know if there will be a SUCON conference this year? i attended in '03 and '04, and it was great to see the presentations by daniel hartmeier and henning brauer, not to mention the others, but the website doesn't seem to be showing any information for one this year...


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