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OpenBSD 3.7: The Wizard of OS (OnLamp)

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Literally dozens of people have written in to tell us about an interview that Federico Biancuzzi conducted with several OpenBSD developers.

Quick quote from the interview: "This is the first release to support newer wireless chipsets, especially for 802.11g, thanks to a big activism campaign lead by project leader Theo de Raadt. It's now possible to create a portable access point with a tiny PDA using the Zaurus port, too. As usual, there are a lot of other big and small changes, such as the import of Xorg, the jump towards gcc3, and a feature to update your installed packages automagically. Discover the details behind the scenes in this interview that Federico Biancuzzi had with several OpenBSD developers."

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    ORN: A lot of companies have been using OpenSSH in their products (Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Apple, GNU/Linux vendors, etc.). Did they give anything back, like donations or hardware?

    Henning Brauer: Nobody ever gave us anything back. A plethora of vendors ship OpenSSH--commercial Unix vendors (basically all of them), all of the Linux distributors, and lots of hardware vendors (like HP in their switches)--but none of them seem to care; none of them ever gave us anything back. All of them should very well know that quality software doesn't "just happen," but needs some funding. Yet, they don't help at all.

    I never knew this... Makes me sick to be honest - that no one has given any support back, donations, etc. but yet they take, take and take more but just don't give back - especially the "Linux distributors"... Pfft, now that's spit in the face to the whole OSS community as a whole. What a shame! And to think how many trolls on ./ (the dumbass ones) rant how much they prefer Linux over *BSD or GPL vs BSDL for whatever stupid and childish reasons; yet they happily use OpenSSH... And I won't even start on my thoughts of Linus when Theo was fighting with Intel, Cisco and other wireless companies...

    Just my $0.02 - just wish I could give more back, as an individual than I can currently afford.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Yeah, it's a shame those companies don't give something back. The least they can do is donate hardware to the cause. Alot of those comapnies are computer hardware companies so actually giving them some hardware really wouldn't cost them much.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Having the project used is its own reward. If the developers wanted something back, they would have arranged their license that way. They can't and shouldn't expect anything, that's how it works. Remember the greater good?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Not expect. Just apreciate.

      2. By Garton Lics ( on

        The Tragedy of the Commons comes to mind.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          good point - although the 'Commons' in this case is not exactly a 'perishable' resource. You wouldnt exactly be able to "suck it dry". It's not exactly a direct "take, suffer" relationship. Although it's more of a "do not give back, may suffer" relationship.

    3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I'm an Ubuntu user, I think its better as a desktop than OpenBSD. However, I still have a great deal of respect for the OpenBSD project which I is why I bought the new shirt and latest CDs.

    4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      thats the whole point of BSD , creating good software , if they wanted something back or for the code to remain 'free' they should go to the GPL


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